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A WhatsApp link is a short link which enables your customers or audience to contact you through the WhatsApp app directly without the need to save your phone number first. When a WhatsApp short link is clicked, we redirect the visitor to a start page which has the "Chat on WhatsApp with #" button. You can use a short WhatsApp link for all types of businesses.

We enable you to generate your own short and direct WhatsApp link for your business as easy and fast as possible which you can share through any social network. WhatsApp link generation is available for all telecom networks across the globe.

WhatsApp link creation is fast and straightforward, just follow the steps listed below:
1- Choose your country from the dropdown list (we will use your IP address to identify a default country).
2- Enter your (or your business) WhatsApp phone number using a valid format (examples show under your phone number while entering).
3- Press the "Create your link" button.
4- We will create a short WhatsApp link for you which you can copy and share directly or through any social network.


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